Steve Erwin     Bio

Some people Steve has

played with

John Previti, Danny Gatton,

Harold Howland, Shannon Ford, Gregg Karukas, Michael Manring

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Maine Arts Scene

Upcoming Shows

Early summer concert to be filmed for a live DVD at Catbird Gallery

and Eastport School of Arts -

Eastport, Maine


Steve Erwin made his professional debut in 1974 at the Helm in Annapolis, and quickly began playing music for a living in Annapolis and D.C. Two years later he moved to Chicago to explore the growing singer-songwriter scene taking place there and played for a five year period before returning to the D.C. area. At that point he began his first band working with top jazz musicians such as John Previti, Harold Howland and the legendary Danny Gatton. He recorded the Was It Like This project with these gentlemen in December of 1988 and released it on CD in 1997 to critical acclaim. During this time he gave three notable concerts. The two Sychronicity concerts in D.C. and the Concert at the Hall of Mirrors at Glen Echo in Maryland. Also at this time he began hosting the open mike at Gallagher’s Pub in 1987 taking over the reins from the future recording star, Mary Chapin Carpenter. This was the most successful open mike in D.C. during the 5 years he ran it with both the Washington Post and Washington Times writing articles about it and his role as host. In May of 2000, he gave a concert at the ORF RadioCafé in Vienna, Austria. In 2001 he took time off from performing to pursue a career in buying and selling rare books but took up performing again with his move to Eastport, Maine in the summer of 2007 and continues playing music in Maine and Canada.


Unreleased Tape -1980 Recorded by Gregg Karukas with Gregg on keyboards, Carl Cable on bass, Jerry Kunkel on guitar and Shannon Ford on drums. Notable for a slow version of Steve's song, "Born A Tourist" which was

re-recorded for the following:

Was It Like This released in 1997. Re-released in 2007 with 4 bonus tracks recorded live in Vienna, Austria at the ORF Radio Café. The original recording was with the legendary Danny Gatton who provides all lead guitar on the project. Also featuring two of the best jazz musicians on the East Coast, John Previti on bass and Harold Howland on drums.

Unreleased recording of May 2000 concert at the ORF RadioCafé in Vienna, Austria with Steve Erwin solo on guitar and vocal.