Was It Like This re-released with bonus tracks. Available at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

“Born A Tourist” is a nine-minute blues/rock guitar clinic in the form of a song.  Starting in slow dynamic turns, Erwin and Gatton take listeners to frenetic heights before setting them gently back on earth again.  Particularly if you yourself play guitar, this song on its own makes the album worth checking out. - Wildy Haskell

“In Fall” is a work of art. Erwin’s quiet song of remembrance is enhanced by Gatton, who fills and frolics in subtly magical measure. - Wildy Haskel

Gatton dashes and dances between Erwin’s melody lines with a flair that’s legendary, illuminating the songs with rhythms, sounds and fills that turn great songwriting into works of art. - Wildy Haskell

“Born a Tourist” has a relentless beat and the funniest line on the album, I came into this Earth in a Hawaiian shirt/ And I’ll probably leave that way. It’s a good ending to a tasty six-pack of tunes.

   - Neil Fagan, Performing Songwriter Magazine

Danny Gatton’s chops accentuate Erwin’s first-rate tunes so well, you’d think they’d been playing together all their lives.

          - Neil Fagan, Performing Songwriter Magazine

“Uncomplicated Love” is a classic Christmas-themed ballad that’s lovelorn and weary yet hopeful all at once.  Erwin bemoans his search for a love that’s built on the basics.  The songwriting here is so classic in style you’ll swear it must be a cover. - Wildy Haskell